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Pam Solem-Weser
Licensed Professional Counselor
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Pam Solem-Weser
Licensed Professional Counselor

Couples Therapy

- Find love and intimacy in your relationship

Help for stuck never-ending negative patterns in    your relationship

Help to feel close and loved by your partner

I can help you have a closer, deeper connection in your relationship through the a highly researched, state-of-the-art couples therapy that has been shown to help 90% of couples. Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy (EFT) is effective with all types of relationship problems including:

communication problems 
conflict resolution
emotional distance 
lack of intimacy and more

I specialize and am uniquely qualified in helping relationships heal and grow closer.  I have had extensive training in couples therapy and as a family counselor and have successfully completed the certification requirements to become both a Certified EFT Therapist and Supervisor through the International Centre for Excellence in Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy. There are few certified therapists in the state of AZ, but many throughout the country and the world.  The certification process is rigorous, requires demonstration of competence, and evaluation by experienced trainers who are under the direction of the EFT founder, Dr. Sue Johnson

Family Counselor

I help families become closer and more connected through the use of EFT for families. Parents learn how to build their relationship with their children while maintaining effective and consistent discipline.  Parents also get support in their changing roles as their children grow up and become adults.

 Individual Counseling

Depression, anxiety, grief, and life stressors can be very difficult and painful.  Individuals get relief from this pain by having help and support in working through these challenges.

Pam Solem-Weser, Licensed Professional Counselor, MC, LPC, PLLC

8115 E Indian Bend Rd  Suite 119  Scottsdale, AZ  85250  (480) 529-5934

Counseling services offered by Pam include marriage counseling, couples counseling, Emotionally
Focused Therapy (EFT), relationship counseling, Christian based marriage counseling, individual counseling, teen counseling, grief counseling, help with relationship skills, and other services based upon your needs.

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