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Do you struggle with painful relationships that leave you feeling alone and disconnected?

Do you feel stuck in unsatisfying life patterns?

Do you struggle with painful feelings that don't seem to end? 


life transitions
relationship problems
parenting issues


I provide an accepting, safe place for you to explore the problematic areas in your life.  Our work together will help you gain a deeper understanding of your emotional life and its impact on your actions and decisions. We will also focus on the difficult relationships in your life and the patterns that lead to you feeling alone and disconnected.  Understanding these painful patterns will help you discover new ways to have closer, more fulfilling relationships. As a result of our work together, you will feel more peace and satisfaction in your life and relationships.

My role is to provide a safe, supportive relationship where we explore your emotional pain and help you gain clarity and understanding of your needs. This process results in you feeling the relief and peace necessary to determine your course of action. It is through our work together that you will feel less alone and as a result feel empowered to find new ways to cope and deal with your life problems. You can then use this therapy experience as a resource to build a social support system in their lives where you will get similar support to navigate through the future life challenges. It is my belief and personal experience that we all need supportive people in our lives to work through life's difficulties.


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